I’m Kate Dewhirst.

Join The Shush 2024,
my community for
Privacy Officers in the
healthcare sector.

A product of Something Orange Training Inc.
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A school of fish. A murder of crows.
And now, in its fourth year, a shush of Privacy Officers.

Welcome to The Shush - A collective of privacy officers. This is where you belong. The Shush is a community of Privacy Officers in the health sector where you come to play and get your work done. It’s a community where health Privacy Officers like you come together to develop knowledge, skills and judgment, in an energizing environment.

If you’ve taken Privacy Officer training, you need a community to assist you get the tasks of being a Privacy Officer completed. In this community, we do workshops where we update the work product of Privacy Officers so you are always up-to-date – and you get things done.

What do Shush members get?

Three skills workshops in 2024:

where you get your work done and your documents updated. This year’s workshops are

  • April 17: How to evaluate new tech for your organization (autoscribe and other new tech ideas)
  • June 13: How to assess risk of harm in a privacy cointext - including a live meet-up June 13
  • September 18: How to respond to access and correction requests including fees

And one scenario workshop

On December 11 we go over 5 challenging scenarios common to health privacy and you test and extend your knowledge, skills and judgement

The Privacy Playground

Access to our shared online space, a community environment to share resources

Push notifications

Email or SMS updates of all new IPC decisions and litigation relating to health privacy

Recordings of my ask-me-anything webinars

Every month I hold a 60-minute free question and answer session for privacy officers. The recordings are available exclusively to members of the Shush.

Awesome swag

Half the fun of joining an elite club is letting everyone know you're a member. We have a rich program of personalized and branded swag to send, including mugs, hats, and surprise gifts.

Online discussion forum

Join and access our ongoing “Ask me anything” and community sharing environment

Again in 2024: Live meetup on June 13

Optional in person Shush get together in Toronto to network and discuss privacy issues

Things people have said about Kate and The Shush:

Whoosh me to the Shush!

How much does it cost to join the Shush?

Annual Shush membership

$ 1597 +HST

What’s included

One year subscription comes with
  • Four workshops each year, where you actually get privacy work done
  • My online discussion forum
  • Live meetup
  • Webinar recordings
  • Online sharing of resources and materials from me and your fellow privacy officers
  • Discounts on privacy products and training
  • Sparkle and confidence in your role (priceless)
  • …and tasteful swag

What if I don’t like it?

money back guarantee stamp

No problem: I'll take all the risk away from you. I’m so sure that you’ll love your Shush membership that I make you this promise:

Join. If at any time you don’t like the way it’s is going, if for any reason it isn’t what you wanted or hoped for, or if you’re not finding it useful, then I'll refund you in full.

So you can become a Shusher and be completely confident that the benefits will make you stronger and more effective in your role as a Privacy Officer.

Don't beat about the bush. If you’re ready, come join the Shush.